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We work hard to ensure that all of our services are efficient and cost effective. We can do a one time job or work with you to plan on-going maintenance that suits your household or property.

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Shower regrout

Removing the existing grout and caulk from the shower area. Replacing it with new grout, new caulk, and protective sealer. 

Tile Repair

Removing damaged, cracked, broken, or discolored tiles (individually or in sections) and replacing them with new tile or any existing tile that you may have and replacing the grout surrounding these tiles and applying a protective sealer.


Removing old, moldy, cracked, torn, or discolored caulk around your tub, shower, sinks or backsplash and replacing it with new caulk to seal and protect.

shower clean and seal

Cleaning the tiles and discolored or moldy grout lines and applying a clear protective sealer. ( Generally paired with recaulk. )

tile floor clean and color seal

Cleaning the floor tile and or grout lines then applying a color sealer. ( There are many colors to choose from to change or enhance the look of your tile floor. )

bathroom shower and/or floor remodel

Removing the existing shower tile, inserts, floor tile or existing floor covering and replacing with new tile, grout, caulk and clear protective sealer. Design services are available. 

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